blissful faith
GOD’s best
For the glory of God

Do everything for the glory of God. Whether it is big or small, as long as you do things by heart and for His glory alone, God is already pleased. He smiles at you. ^___^ Praises to our Heavenly Father :)))

Good to me

Your love is holding me
I’ll give I’ll give You all of me

You are so good to me.
With everything I am
I’ll give You praise
You’re better than life to me
With everything I am
I’ll give You praise

Thank You Jesus!
You are faithful!
Thank You Jesus!
Your love is better than life

We have detours in life but still may we find our way back home in God’s embrace.
Crying out your heart to God.<3

Ang sarap sa pakiramdam :’>

"These feet were created to follow Jesus." He wants our complete obedience.

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Awwww&lt;3 *U*
This is a letter from my spiritual mother Nay Miik when she gave me my very own Bible. &#8220;Keep your faith in Him and continue to obey Him no matter what the cost is.&#8221; Truly being a Christian will not be easier but it will always be more meaningful because you&#8217;re not just living for your own but you are living to serve God.
Still doing feasibility while sneezing. Huhuhu layuan nyo ko sakit. I need to be sick free maraming dapat gawin. Not now puh-lease? T-T

She Reads Truth
Bible is God&#8217;s love letter to us. &lt;3
Having quality time with Him is the sweetest part of the day. :&#8217;&gt;
~1st IG post :)))

Inspire others ^_____________^v


In the midst of trials, God is working and up to something. Cheer up He knows your struggles.